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About the Program

The Working Experience

The Learning Experience

The Living Experience

How to apply

Interview Dates


Slowly but surely, we are building this page.  I just finished the Living and Working sections, as well as the Alumni registry.  Email for more info or to contribute.   Thanks!

Imagine spending one year in sunny Central Florida, living in a truly international community, learning valuable life skills, and working for the number one tourist destination in the world - Walt Disney World!  That dream has become a reality for the thousands of participants in the Walt Disney World International Program (WDWIP).

This page is designed to be reference point to the program.  Especially when there are thousands of miles, and possibly an ocean or two, between potential applicants and Disney, it can be a trying experience finding out information about the program.  

This Page is NOT officially sanctioned by The Walt Disney World Company, and does not represent such in any way.  It's an UNOFFICIAL page, and as a result the information may not always be up to date or completely accurate, but we make an attempt.


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Virtual Leaving Book Discussion Forum

Alumni Registry

Photo Album



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