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mickeybullet2.gif (1461 bytes)The 1997/1998 Fellowship Program Web Page

Designed by Canadian alumnus Darren Brown, a very informative page for those interested in the Fellowship Program, and for Alumni who were part of the 1997/1998 program. 


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mickeybullet2.gif (1461 bytes)WDWIP Webzine

A WDWIP webpage that's been online for over two years now.  It is maintained by a former UK foods Cast Member from way back in 95 or so.  Lots of information, and a huge guestbook, although the page isn't updated very often.


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mickeybullet2.gif (1461 bytes)Finge's International Programs at Walt Disney World

Designed by a former Norway CM, this page is a good overview of life in the program.   Very good design, lots of World Showcase info, and a good FAQ.


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mickeybullet2.gif (1461 bytes)Caines' WDW College Program Page of Adventure

You know it - you've probably already visited it, but it is still the best source of College Program info on the net.  Check out his tips on Vista Way and LBV living - really interesting.