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Imagine spending one year in sunny Central Florida, living in a truly international community, learning valuable life skills, and working for the number one tourist destination in the world - Walt Disney World!  That dream has become a reality for the thousands of participants in the Walt Disney World International Programs (WDWIP).  Now it can be your turn to make the dream come true!

This page is designed to be reference point to the program.  Especially when there are thousands of miles, and possibly an ocean or two, between potential applicants and Disney, it can be a trying experience finding out information about the program.  While this is not an official source, I will try to provide the most accurate information possible.  When considering the program, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement and forget about the realities.  Make sure you read and understand every section on this page, then post any questions you may have to the discussion forum or email.  The more informed you are going into the interview or the program, the better you will perform. 

There are a few different programs which actually fall under the Walt Disney World International Programs banner.  They are the Cultural Representative program, the Fellowship program, the Waterparks program, and the Hospitality program.   Each shares a few common minimum requirements, and many have additional qualifications.  Following are outlines of the first three programs, as outlined in Disney literature:

Cultural Representative Program

This exciting 6-12 month program allows individuals to represent their culture and customs through a unique work experience.

Working Experience:   Seeking individuals with the flexibility to work in the following areas:  Food and Beverage, Merchandise or Attractions.  participants will share the unique culture and customs of their country with Guests, while handling the traditional responsibilities related to these positions.

Learning Experience:   You will have the opportunity to participate in WDW College Program business seminars.  Self-paced and classroom courses in computers and languages are also available through the Disney University Learning Center.

Living Experience:  You will share a one, two, three, or four bedroom apartment with International Programs participants in the exclusive, amenity-filled Commons complex.


ball18.gif (988 bytes) Minimum 18 years of age

ball18.gif (988 bytes)Authentic representation of Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, the United Kingdom or Sub-Saharan Africa

ball18.gif (988 bytes)Good conversational English

ball18.gif (988 bytes)Outgoing, enthusiastic and flexible

ball18.gif (988 bytes)Willingness to share a room with someone from a different country

World Showcase Fellowship Program

This exciting 12-month program brings together authentic representatives of the 11 World Showcase nations for an in-depth cultural exchange involving five elements:  Working, Learning, Recreation and Travel.

Working Experience: Participants train in a variety of operational positions on a rotational basis, according to the country represented.  Opportunities may include Food and Beverage, Merchandise, Attractions, Transportation or Guest Relations.  participants will also act as cultural ambassadors sharing information with Guests throughout World Showcase and the local community.

Learning Experience:   This comprehensive program requires attendance at mandatory weekly seminars.   These seminars range in subject, including Disney Business Management Philosophy, Issues in International Awareness and Intercultural Awareness taught by participants.

Living Experience:  Same as Cultural Representative Program, except typically roomed with other Fellowship participants, currently in the same building.

Qualifications:  Same as Cultural Representative Program, plus:

ball18.gif (988 bytes)Strong knowledge of and pride in own country's history, culture, and customs, and a willingness to share with large groups of people.

ball18.gif (988 bytes)Excellent English skills and the ability to express ideas effectively

Waterpark Trainee Program

This exciting 6-12 month training program is offered to individuals holding current Royal Lifesaving Society Bronze Medallion Certification and applicable education/experience.

Working Experience:  Operational level opportunities are available in the waterparks.  Once your initial training is completed, you will greet ad interact with Guests, monitor Guest safety, operate slides and attraction, inform Guests on ride usage and safety, explain rules and regulations, guard heavily occupied swimming areas, provide first aid as needed, straighten and clean pool areas, and much more.

Learning Experience: This outstanding opportunity requires mandatory participation in the WDW College Program Business Seminars, plus the optional opportunity to take courses through the Disney University Learning Center.  You will receive additional training in first aid, CPR for the professional rescuer, bloodborne pathogen, and lifeguard practices for waterparks.

Living Experience:  You will share a two or three bedroom apartment with WDW College Program participants in the exclusive, amenity-filled Vista Way housing complex.

Qualifications: In addition the the above-mentioned certification,

 ball18.gif (988 bytes)Education in recreation/leisure management, tourism or hospitality


Information concerning other programs can be obtained by contacting WDW International Programs at the address listed in 'How to Apply'


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